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White noise

Author: Mary Ransome

Over the years, I’ve been told that I needed to write the story of my family. We’re an odd bunch, brought together through special-needs, teen, and sibling-group adoption. We have seen our fair share of disaster and adventure. One friend suggested I begin the book with the story of the exploding toilet, and it really wouldn’t be such a bad opening illustration! On the whole, I wholeheartedly agree that it’s a story worth telling.

However, while the details may be different, it’s a story that many adoptive or special-needs parents could tell. In the world of self-publishing, any story that could be told by more than one person surely already has been. When anyone can write and publish their work, non-fiction quickly gets lost in a haze of white noise. The questions I’ve asked, the answers I’ve found, the mistakes I’ve made, and the lessons I’ve learned would only add to already overwhelming options.

Not so with fiction! Fiction can be written poorly or it can be written well. The story can be inspiring and enchanting, or it can be a total flop. It can be delightfully surprising or dreadfully predictable. But fiction takes the questions and the answers, the mistakes and the lessons, the truths and the mysteries of life, and wraps them all into a story. One truth can be written into a story in a thousand different ways, and it can still move a reader, draw them in, and show them the world in a new light. That’s why I chose fiction because fiction will never be white noise!

Mary Ransome is an author with King Ari Press. Stay tuned and start following her journey at:

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Hezr Hodn
Hezr Hodn
Jun 02


I too love fiction- i grew up with an overactive imagination and found myself constantly distracted by the thousands of possibilities of each experience. It can be strange and jarring sometimes. When others at a fast food place go to get a drink refill, they come back with a drink. I come back with visions of an intrepid explorer fighting white water rapids on a raging river in an endless, exotic jungle, on his way to find a lost family heirloom that was stolen by a nefarious uncle who…and so on.

Replying to

When you give your imagination free reign like that, there are NO ordinary experiences! I’d love to spend a day watching the stories you create in your mind.

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