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Author: Rich Kopacz

Courage is the ability to take action even when you’re afraid. In life, I think it’s good to have healthy fears, ones that protect you from sticking your hand in a toaster or your head in an oven (or the mouth of a LION). These fears guide us to unplug the toaster or turn off the oven (or just AVOID the lion!)

But there are also parts of life where we meet someone new, try something new, or must deal with the unknown, and fear creeps in to stop us: fear of rejection, fear of embarrassment, fear of change, fear of failure…these are the moments to have courage. Elderly people who have been asked about their greatest regrets overwhelmingly agree that it’s the things they DIDN’T do, DIDN’T try, or DIDN’T experience because they were too afraid.


As a writer, one of your greatest gifts is your personal experience. Don’t deny yourself opportunities because of fear. Make a friend, make a change, try something new…and then WRITE about it, even if it’s in your own personal journal.

And when you write, write RAW, UNCENSORED, VULNERABLE, hold nothing back, because ONLY YOU can deliver YOU, but only if it’s authentic and fearless. When it comes time to publish, there will be numerous people who will edit, censor, and limit. Don’t do their work for them, but be bold with your experiences, feelings, and perspectives. Make them work to limit you.

And then, when they’re done containing, constricting, and categorizing, don’t sweat it. Go to your creative space, take up your pen and shrug off their restraints, and do what you, and you alone, can do — write fearlessly.”

Rich Kopacz is an author with King Ari Press. Stay tuned and start following his journey at

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