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Consultations Currently Closed

We are not currently taking new consultation clients at this time while we focus on Open Submissions (March 20, 2024).


Check back later, or subscribe below for updates. 

𝕏 Writer Tip:

Want to know what your other characters think of your MC, let them eulogize them. Imagine what they would do or say at the funeral. This can help the author hone in on the real and fake relationships in their MC's life.

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Woman Typing

“Stephanie is professional, thorough, knowledgeable, and very friendly. She created deadlines for herself and stuck to them. In addition to going line by line through the chapter and providing edits and helpful feedback as needed, she also made sure she knew exactly what my overall goals were with my story and offered ways I could meet them. This included detailed examples of stylistic approaches designed specifically for my targeted reader. She has also been incredibly supportive and a good resource for how the industry works as I move forward with my publishing journey.”

CJ, Story Consultation Client

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