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About Open Submissions

Submissions Closed April 20, 2024!

During "open submissions" you will be able to submit your manuscript for consideration. Submissions will close at the discretion of the editor. See below for details on how to submit.

Check back here for updated information, or sign-up below to get the latest press updates.

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Submitting Your Manuscript

Below is a list of items to help you with your manuscript submission. Our selection process will remain open for a minimum of a month. Submission of manuscript does not guarantee publication with our press. 

When are open submissions?

2 to 3 times year. Open submissions open and close at the discretion of the reading editor. Open submissions remain open for no less than one month from the date they open.


Check back for submission closure.

What do I submit?

Along with a query letter (email), please attach a full manuscript for consideration by our reader(s).

What's your main reason for submitting this story?

How long is the process?

We cannot guarantee our processing times due to the volume of submissions received.


Please hold off contacting us about your submission during the open submission times.*

Who do I address in the email?

Please address your email to Stephanie, the reading editor, in your email. 

What are you looking for?

We are looking for fiction. We want great stories. We are open to new ways to tell a story. Surprise us. The key is the story.

We love YA, Faith Based Fiction, Speculative Fiction, Mystery, Rom-Com, Literary, Fantasy, Dystopian

We are currently looking for strong literary fiction, teen to adult, rom-com (no smut). 

Where to submit...

Once you have prepared your manuscript for submission, please attach  it in an email and send to--

  • We only accept electronic manuscripts, pdf.

  • *Please contact us right away if you want to be removed from consideration. 

  • *Please contact us if you become contracted with another publisher, or press, or are publishing elsewhere.

  • Note, we are not able to respond right away to every request during "Open Submissions" as we read and consider each manuscript. 

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